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2014 Legislation Updates

Update #6 / February 11th, 2014

Aloha MAH members and supporters!

Your presence yesterday was outstanding, whether you were at the capitol, on neighboring islands holding signs, sending in testimony and emails, or holding us in love and light,

we thank you!!!

Without a doubt we are a force to be reckoned with! However, there is more work to do. Senator Green and the committee deferred their decision about the two bills to Wednesday, 2/12/14, and we MUST email them today stating what we want.

There will be a meeting on

Wednesday, 2/12/14, at 1:30pm

at the capitol, room #229.

Please come if you can. We plan to be there in force again!!!

They will not be accepting testimony so emails today are very important!

We must continue to apply pressure, so SB2569 and

SB2569 SD1 are killed.

Submit testimony here: (We ask you to submit testimony to OPPOSE both SB2569 and SB2569 SD1. You need to specify which bill you are submitting testimony on and indicate if you will be present to testify in person on Monday at 1:30pm. You can also submit testimony for both SB2569 and SB2569 SD1 via email to:  HTHtestimony@capitol.hawaii.gov). 


There are many reasons why SB2569 and SB2569 SD1 need to be stopped, but a few talking points to highlight (in your own words) are:

SB2569 is modeled after some of the worst midwife laws in the country, including Virginia, the only other state that gives the Medical Board oversight over midwife practice, rules, and regulations, which is a clear conflict of interest, and is based in the state’s paternalistic “doctor knows best” history of attempting to stamp out the profession of midwifery altogether, which traditionally had been practiced primarily by women of color.

Hawaii should be leading the way in fostering diversity, collaboration, and culturally appropriate maternity care, not following the backward examples of states with a long history of denying women access to the care providers of their choice.

If SB2569 becomes law, it will put Hawaii dead last on the list of states with family-centered midwife laws that respect the rights of pregnant women to make informed and evidence-based decisions about their personal maternity care choices.

SB2569 is not based in evidence or best practices. It denies women who have had a previous cesarean delivery access to midwives and out-of-hospital care, forcing them to give birth in hospitals whose policies dictate surgical delivery for all women with a previous cesarean, whether it’s medically indicated or not.

When women are denied access to midwives and home birth, many will give birth with no trained attendant at all. 

By denying so many of Hawaii’s families access to midwives and home birth, SB2569 strips citizens of the right to make personal medical decisions in consultation with the health care provider of their choice.


Please come to the rally at the Capitol on Monday, February 10, at 11:30 am on the Capitol stairs near the Queen. We also need as many people as possible to pack hearing room 229 at the Capitol. The hearing starts at 1:30 pm on the same day as the rally, Monday, February 10. Children, including infants, are welcome, but please be mindful of fussy babies and rambunctious toddlers.

If you can’t attend the rally or hearing, please be sure to submit your testimony here:


To read the full text of SB2569 go here:

http://1.usa.gov/1dOSNue <http://1.usa.gov/1dOSNue

Please save the date: March 2nd (meeting) & 3rd (Lobby Day) for our annual Midwives' Alliance of Hawai`i meeting, this year it will be on O`ahu.

More details to come!


SB2569 and SB2569 SD1


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Thank you all for your support of Midwifery in Hawaii!  Here is to a happy and healthy future for all

Mothers, Babies and Midwives!